Bottled Water to Help in Louisiana!

This past weekend a friend of mine I served in the Army and during Operation Iraqi Freedom made a post on Facebook that broke my heart. He spoke about not being able to get to his family as the flood waters were rising. Praise The Lord, he has since been able to get to his family. His family is safe but he told me how he lost his home in the flood along with thousands of other people. At that moment the Lord told me I needed to do something. In fact we all can do something. That is why I started this GoFundMe account. I am asking for your financial support to go to purchasing bottled water to take to the people in need in Louisiana. I have found a water company willing to sell to us bottled water for $2.00 a case. I am asking you to give whatever the Lord puts on your heart so we can get the bottled water to these people in need. All the money raised with go to purchasing the water and getting the water to those in need. I am asking also for any church that wants to take part in this effort to please come on board! When we reach our goal we will purchase the water and take to Louisiana to help those in need! Please pray for the folks down there and pray for us as we go! God bless y’all!

GoFundMe Link – Bottled Water to Help in Louisiana!

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