From the Pastor – April 2017

LifeWay Research conducted a poll of 1,000 Protestant pastors asking for the three highest attended worship services throughout the year.  The following holidays topped the list:

Easter  (93%)

Christmas (84%)

Mother’s Day (59%)

I share this with you to stress the importance of the coming of Resurrection Day (Easter).  Yes, it’s the pivotal moment in history in which our Redemption rests but it’s also important for us to take advantage of the opportunity to invite someone that might not join us on another day.

Therefore, I am issuing a challenge.

I challenge us all to pray about at least 3 people we can invite to join us Easter Sunday.  I want you to begin praying for the un-chruched friend, family member, or even folks you encounter throughout your day to join you Resurrection Day.  Then I want us all to pray for those we have invited by praying for the worship service and the Word shared that Sunday morning!  We understand that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God!  The Word of God will be shared through song and sermon!  Therefore, our friends, family members, or folks we invite will be brought to a choice to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Stats tell us that over 85% of people are open to an invitation to join us during one of our church services if we would just ask them.  Stats also tell us that over 90% of Christians have never shared their faith!  Let us begin to take advantage of the opportunities God gives us to share The Gospel!

Church, I am praying we all would take up this challenge to be the saslt and light Christ has commanded us to be!  I believe when the church unites in prayer it unleashes the supernatural power of God! 

To Him be the glory!


In Christ, 

Pastor Mark and Family (Isaiah 6:8)


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