From The Pastor – May 2019

Dear Northside Family,

Let me start off by commending you on your faithfulness to the Lord. A church that is effective and successful will be faithful. A church that is effective and successful will have a strong emphasis on faithfulness. Faithfulness to God and to His Word and to His church.

But we also need to be faithful to evangelism, to reach people for Christ. In the first few chapters of Acts, we see that the early church went out and reached their community. And then on the day of Pentecost, three thousand people were saved. The Gospel of Jesus Christ had spread through the entire community. WOW! There is power in the name of Jesus. Jesus saves, Jesus saves! Amen? Let’s tell, tell, tell and invite, invite, invite. Invite your neighbors, your friends, your families and brag on Jesus and what He is doing in and through His church.

What a wonderful Easter Service we had here at Northside; the Spirit of the Lord was in this place and worship was powerful. The choir and all the musicians did an awesome job playing and singing the glory down. I love the Easter season but in reality, we worship a risen Savior all year long!

I hope and pray you enjoyed the Maundy Thursday service as much as I did. Maybe we can make that an annual event?

I sure do love being your pastor and I sure do appreciate you all allowing me to pastor one of the greatest churches in Pickens County. Let’s keep on keeping on ’til Jesus comes back.

Love you ALL!

Pastor Buckshot, Phil. 4:13

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