From The Pastor – August 2019

Dear Northside family, 

Who’s Your One? That’s the question that’s being asked these days across the Southern Baptist Convention. Imagine if every person of our church could answer that question with the name of a person, or a person you’re praying for, or with whom you’re sharing the gospel. Just think what would happen in our church if every person reached one. Wow! It would double the size of our church.

What we need is a new, hot passion to help people who are far from God, experience what God can do in their life and in their family’s lives. And what he did for you He can do for others. 

I say it all the time, God is still in the saving business! However, it is our job to go get them, so let’s invite, invite, invite!

It was my honor to baptize those new believers, and I can’t wait to see God use them for His Glory. Let’s keep on keeping on for Jesus. Like the old hymn says, “No turning back, no turning back.” 

Sharon and I love you all and we are so thankful to you and to God for allowing us to serve here at Northside Baptist Church. 

Pastor “Buckshot”, Philippians 4:13

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