From The Pastor – December 2019

Dear Church family,

I found a poem I wanted to share:

Unto us a Son was given, rejoice this Christmas day, a gift from God to you and I, the Truth, the Light, the Way. 

To the world a Savior’s born, rejoice this Christmas day, He fills the soul’s hunger pain, the Bread, the Life, the Way. 

To every heart bound in sin, rejoice this Christmas day, the gift of grace will set you free, the Christ, the Lord, the Way. 

To thirsty souls everywhere, rejoice this Christmas day, and drink from the Fountain of Life, the Grace, the Mercy, the Way. 

To all those who are heavy-laden, rejoice this Christmas day, for He is the Prince of our Peace, the Door, the Lamb, the Way. 

Rejoice on this Christmas day, your Lord and Savior is here, rejoice, I say again rejoice, let His birth bring your heart cheer. 

Merry Christmas! We love you ALL! 

Pastor “Buckshot” & Sharon.

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