From The Pastor – October 2019

Dear Northside family, 

Please read and pray for your church.

Some churches have parking problems, some other churches don’t. 

Some churches have kids running around making a lot of noise; some other churches tend to be very quiet. 

Some churches usually have more expenses than money; some other churches don’t need to spend much money because not much is going on. 

Some churches are growing so fast you don’t always know everybody’s name; in some other churches everybody has known everybody’s name for years. 

Some churches enthusiastically and generously support missions; some other churches keep it all at home. 

Some churches are filled with tithers; some other churches are filled with tippers. 

Some churches evangelize; some other churches fossilize. 

Some churches are always planning for the future; some other churches live in the past. 

Some churches seek new ministries and new methods; some other churches don’t want to. 

If you are active in some church, why don’t you take a moment and pray for it today. 

Some people pray for their church, and some others never quite get around to it. 


Love you ALL. 

Preacher “Buckshot”, Galations 5:13

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